Passionate about internal communication, personal development and everything related to great people!

About Jo

With an extensive career history spanning project management, line manageimg_4018ment, leadership, coaching, mentoring and internal communication, Jo works with other like-minded people to improve the reputation of and capabilities within the internal communication discipline.

Happily employed full-time, Jo works with select clients in her own time.  This blog site is a way of sharing her love of and expertise in the multi-faceted field of internal communication even wider.

Jo’s Purpose

After completing my Masters degree in Internal Communication Management I faced the inevitable sigh of relief.  Yet, a yearning to continue my learning journey became, unsurprising to those who know me, too loud to ignore.  I realised throughout my entire career two common threads have made me most fulfilled; personal learning, and supporting and enabling others in their own life journeys.  So that’s the purpose of this blog.  It aims to keep me fulfilled as an avid learner, whilst hoping to help and inspire others.